• Aged Rye 105

    Aged Rye 105

    Aged in small batch American white oak barrels and bottled in limited quanities our aged rye has a complex balance of oak and caramel with a subtle vanilla finish.


  • Rye 105

    Rye 105

    Our clear Rye at 105 proof has a crisp opening with a smooth pepper and a smokey caramel finish. Enjoy over ice or in your favorite cocktail.


  • Elderberry


    The perfect balance of sweet and tart with a subtle finish of sweet corn whiskey. At 80 proof, our Elderberry Moonshine is a great for siipping over ice or in your favorite cocktail. Makes a great Elderberry lemonade!


  • Lemon Ginseng

    Lemon Ginseng

    Made with 100 proof corn whiskey, fresh lemons and sustainably grown American ginseng , the Lemon Ginseng is our version of a lemon cello with an Appalachian twist. A pleasure alone over ice or in you favorite cocktail


  • Sweet Mtn.

    Sweet Mtn.

    Our 100 proof  Sweet Mountain Moonshine is made from a very special yet traditional corn and barley recipe .  At 100 proof you can smell and taste the richness of the corn with a finish of caramelized barley. It is surprisingly smooth alone but makes a great cocktail or infusion. 


  • Vanilla Plum

    Vanilla Plum

    Our Vanilla Plum Moonshine is a very complex 80 proof moonshine. It starts with the sweet flavor of plum upfront and a delicate smooth vanilla finish. A true sipping shine.